1)    Product: Crude
2)    Name: Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil  (NBLCO)
3)    Country of origin: Nigeria
4)    Specification:
•    Quality
NNPC export grade specification, only water and basic sediment (B.S&W) ascertained at the port of loading shall be deducted in computing the net quantity of the Crude Oil loaded and certified in the Bill  of Lading, as per the inspection certificate issued at the supply Port by “SAYBOLT” or “SGS”,.

•    Quantity/Amount Available
Quantity of at least 62,400,000 BBLS (Sixty-Two Million four hundred thousand Barrels) +/-5% of Bonny Light Crude Oil

•    Lots/Deliverable
At least 2,000,000 BBLS (Two Million Barrels) +/-5% per month, for 1 (one) year plus extensions and rollovers
•    Technical Specifications
Specific Gravity: 0.8459.
Water Content: 0.2% Vol. Max
BSW: 0.6% Vol., max.
Pour point: Below 40 Degree F. max
Salt: LB per 1,000 bbl, 12, max
Total Sulphur, wt%: 0.14 max
Reid Vapor Pressure: 6.52 PSIG, max
Carbon Residue, wt%: 1.0, max.
VINI, PPM wt:, 2.0
Vis, cst @ 37.8 Deg C.: 3.47, min.
Yield C1-C4 wt%: 2.10

Specific Gravity (API) 34-38
Density at 20 degrees, CG.CM, max 0.85
Basic Salt Water (BSW) 0.6 % Vol
Color Dark Brown Acid Number 0.39
Reid Vapor 6.52 max (PS)
Water & Sediment % max 1.0
Iron, wt ppm 1.0
Vanadium, wt ppm 2.0
Nickel, wt ppm 4.0
Pour Point below 40 deg. F
Sulfur Content, % wt 0.14

2.    Finished  Petroleum Products: 

  •   PMS
  • AGO
  • R.F.O

3.    Special Requirements

  • Letter of Intent /LOI specifying the quantity and period of    delivery 
  • Proof of funds from buyers: (confirmable by the sellers or banks/bank statements  verifiable)

4.    Delivery Term 

          CIF/ FOB/TTO
5.    Price: DTD Brent Discount USD X $ X .00) Per Barrel Net

6.    Payment: Non –Operative IRDLC to be activated by 2% PB<MT799/MT700/ MT760/SBLC/BG/MT 103 Swift

Please Note;
There are two (2) sellers (A & B):

1)    Seller A will not attend to enter into negotiation or do any business without confirming the proof of funds of buyers, Seller A will only do CIF no FOB. Upon confirmation, the sellers will used/prepare all documentation within 20days including signing all relevant document and vessel/cargo dispatched in 21days
2)  Seller B  FBO /TTO, can be arranged through seller B not with A oil allotee.

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